Kamila Zagorowska, mom of 4 children  plus 1 invention

As a mom of 3 with one more on the way, I was having problems with keeping my then 2 year old, extremely active, daughter covered and warm whilst on autumn walks in the buggy. Having to bend down every few metres to pick up her blanket which was forever being kicked to the ground or under the wheels, whilst in advanced pregnancy, was a constant frustration. After a fruitless search to find a blanket which ticked all my boxes, I sewed myself a basic fleece poncho-shaped blanket for her buggy. I was amazed when my very amateurly sewn blanket began to build interest from other moms in the park and I soon received my first order. As I’d found out, I hadn’t been the only one with the problem of a blanket which was forever slipping off or down. And I’d unknowingly provided many other parents with the solution - Coverover.

Practical things, first and foremost, give us comfort.

If you measured the miles that you trail around the neighbourhood with your littlest one in the buggy, taking big brothers and sisters to wherever they need to be, year-round, whatever the weather, a small issue like a muddy blanket starts to become a much bigger problem. Time wasted on doing the laundry could be much better used on something else. Therefore our simple solution will provide salvation to many moms.


It soon became apparent that this new invention was also ideal for use on child bike seats and sledges, to protect little ones from the cold, especially while having a nap. After trying the blanket in different conditions, we had a list of improvements which we’d need to work into the design - water-resistance, foot pocket and hood. Only after making these alterations did we have the most universal and practical cover for children, from when they take their first steps, up to even 5 years old.


We are extremely proud that our Coverover Active Comfort model has caught the attention of many celebrity parents and has triumphed in 2 prestigious competitions - one organised by internet portal, the other at the Kids’ Time  2017 trade fair, winning the Kids’ Time Star award.

The ONLY universal and multifunctional travel cover for kids 


If you are looking for a buggy blanket which

  • won’t fall under the wheels
  • won’t restrict your child’s movement yet protects them from neck to foot
  • fits almost all buggies, child bike seats, sledges, and can be unfolded flat to make a picnic blanket
  • allows you to quickly and easily cover and uncover your child
  • lets you either keep muddy boots out or tucked inside the blanket
  • is both water-resistant and breathable
  • keeps you and your little one safe after dark thanks to reflective strips
  • takes up less room than a big bottle of water and combines all the benefits of a sleeping bag, blanket, plastic rain cover and bike seat cape
  • can be used 12 months a year


then Coverover is exactly what you have been looking for. Buy it now and enjoy!


Reliable, user-friendly, perfected to every last detail and proven in use.


Minimal in size, functionally versatile

Invaluable companion for your little traveller

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