• Fitting most child bike seats, coverover is the perfect solution for active families. Without having to worry about your little passenger’s comfort or safety, everyone will have an enjoyable ride.

  • Attached similarly as with your stroller, it’s held in place by bike seat straps, and the back and sides are easily and safely fastened to avoid flapping on windy days. When your child needs to be covered over, you can simply pull it over their heads without having to get off your bike or even take off their helmet.


The coverover is fixed similarly as in the stroller, the difference being that the stripes are put through the head opening and not through the oblong openings at the back. Kids have their legs fastened to the bike seat for safety reasons.
The unfastened coverover is thrown over the seat rest, so as to position the head opening at the edge of the seat rest. Seatbelts are pulled through the head opening.
The elastic stripes with studs attached to the back of the coverover should be pulled from both sides and the loosely hanging top part fastened to the bike rest, so as to prevent flapping in the wind.
Fasten the child in the seat. This is the best way to go outdoors in mild weather conditions when you do not need to wrap the child up.
If necessary, e.g. when the child falls asleep during the ride, you can cover the child practically without dismounting the bike. Pull the top part of the cover from behind the seat rest (there is no need to unfasten the elastic) and pull it over the child’s head. The zip under the chin allows to adjust the size of the opening, so there is no need to take off the child’s helmet.
Fasten the sides of the cover with zips, so as to prevent it from flapping in the wind during the ride.