dzieckoCoverover is suitable for almost all kinds of strollers. Its universal design makes it usable over many years. Kids as young as 6-month old, who are able to sit up, are often driven in strollers due to their handleability.

How to attach coverover to a stroller?

rys_1Coverover is similar in shape to a cape, but it can be spread out flat on grass or sand and serve as a blanket. A system of openings transforms it into a special cover for the child in a stroller.
rys_2The coverover does not have to be necessarily fixed to the backrest in order to work. You may just unfasten the press studs, creating an opening for the head, and then tuck the flap behind the back. Usually stroller straps are sufficient to attach the cover, however, there is a possibility to hook it to the backrest as a convenient option for those parents whose kids like to get on and off the stroller on their own. To fix the cover to the backrest, unfasten the press studs on the triangular insets, creating an opening for the head and then unfasten the elastic with press studs  in the back part of the coverover. Then, join each press stud with the elastic stripe, attaching the coverover to the backrest on the sides. You can also keep the elastic fastened and attach it to the edge of the backrest, tucking the open flap with press studs behind the back. Such a way to fix it, makes the coverover shorter and enables the user to fix it higher – an advisable solution for kids over 2 years’ old..
rys_3Pass the stripes through the oblong holes secured by velcro and through the stripe opening between the child’s legs. The leg pouch will be hooked to the leg rest. You can adjust the width so that the pouch does not overhang the stroller too much, making use of a draw cord and cord locks on the side edges of the pouch. The top part may hang down freely behind the stroller or it may be rolled up behind the backrest and hidden in the stroller shade.
rys_4Fasten the child in the stroller. This is the best way to go outdoors in mild weather conditions when  you do not need to  wrap the child up. If such a need arises, slip the coverover over the child’s head –  you can adjust the opening by regulating the zip under the child’s chin.
rys_5Then, fasten the sides with the zips, so that the cover does not get entangled in the wheels. The  fastening can be regulated according to your needs – you can leave the child with totally unrestricted  hand movement, or alternatively tuck it up entirely, keeping the child’s hands inside.
rys_6Smaller kids, who will often take a snooze in the stroller, will appreciate having their feet covered, so  that they do not catch wind from underneath. In order to prevent that, we pull up the pouch from  beneath the leg rest and we tighten the elastic on the sides.

Coverover – small & handy


Coverover is best folded in two horizontally and then in two again along the vertical axis. Then it  should be rolled up. Fold in three covering the zip in the middle, roll up from the bottom up, and a  little from the top as well, then fasten the package using the elastic with press studs fixed to the  back.  Put it into the bag. The bag is tightened by means of a string with a press stud, which makes it  possible to attach the bag to the stroller in various ways.  Coverover is a must for your stroller in all kinds of weather. Now, you are sure that your child is well  protected against wind, cold, rain or even snow. Have a nice stroll in all kinds of weather!