wozekCoverover – the universal cover cover fixed to a stroller or a bike seat. Coverover means safety, since it does not fall under the wheels.

When coverover is slipped over the head, dirty shoes stay out. Coverover wraps the whole body, but it leaves the hands free. Coverover protects the whole body from arms to toes, warming up the child’s body evenly, and preventing colds. rower

Coverover grows with the kid. Ergonomic design has been customized for children aged from 6 months (strollers) to 5 years (bike seats).

Coverover has holes for a 5-point harness, so it may be fixed to the stroller permanently. It is sufficiently thin to keep the stroller foldable without the need to remove the coverover each time. It fits every stroller.

Coverover is perfect as a cover for children in bike seats. You can wrap up the child for the entire trip without the need to keep readjusting the cover and stopping again and again.

Coverover will protect your child on a sled.

Coverover can also be spread flat like a blanket. It is small and handy – simply universal.


wiatrIt protects against wind and cold. It is impermeable. It works in all seasons, particularly in transitory weather (spring, autumn) with highly volatile temperatures and weather conditions.deszcz

Made from modern fabrics used in sports and outdoors garments, maintains the highest quality parameters.
Since wrapped up children remain motionless, we attach particular importance to the choice of fabrics, so that while breathable, they are not too light. The textiles are wind-proof but breathable, so that the child does not overheat and sweat.

The textiles are designed for use in moderate climate with frequently changing weather conditions. In spring and autumn there are wild temperature swings during the day (from +3 ͦC in the morning, and +18 ͦC during the day, to +9 ͦC in the evening topped by wind and humidity exacerbating the feeling of cold).




The softshell fabric used has an adequate surface texture to prevent rain water or snow from soaking through. The cover will even stand against a moderate rain that can surprise the parent during a stroll or a ride. The fleece lining keeps the body warm, feels nice to the touch and is not allergy-inducing.

The range of temperatures within which coverover performs optimally in terms of comfort and protection is 0 ͦC to 21 ͦC, provided that the child is clothed adequately for outdoor activity.

Ergonomic and universal design make coverover durable, providing protection for many seasons to come, while adequate maintenance will ensure that it retains all its properties.

Coverover – for a stroller, a sled and a bike!